United Nation Office on Drug and Crime (2021) ONLINE

Combating drug-related violence in Latin America

In recent years there has been an increase in drug-related violence in Latin American countries. The war on drugs is an international effort to eradicate the supply and demand for illegal substances, ranging from the relatively benign marijuana to much more dangerous drugs like crack cocaine. The prohibition of these substances is tied to various international treaties which require participants to work together to stop international drug trafficking and limit and even criminalize the possession, use, trade, and distribution of drugs outside of medical and scientific purposes within their borders (Vox). 

Although the drug war is a noble effort to stop drug trafficking and eradicate the many operational drug cartels, drug-related violence is increasing and since 2006 have led to at least 80.000 deaths in Mexico. It is up to the UNODC what strategic measures should be implemented on how to aid local governments in the drug wars.

Viktor Racskó

Text box item I would like to welcome all ZaMUN 2021 participants! My name is Viktor, and currently, I am a first-year student at the Law Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava. As your future chair, I am confident to talk about the rich experience both as a delegate and as a chair (having lost the count of MUNs and MEPs I attended in March 2019 when it was around seven). My passion for MUN and debating, in general, started in 2017 when I attended BratMUN 2017, which was my first MUN, and won an Outstanding delegate award as Singapore. I have been attending MUNs all around Central Europe ever since, winning awards at all, but one, and even serving as the President of the GA at one of them. Other than that, I basically enjoy everything from sports to informal or slightly intellectual hangouts with friends. My hobbies are reading, exercise, psychology, languages and also politics, and I guess none of you will be surprised if I list law (especially international) among one of these. I am looking forward to meeting you, in spite of the odds being against bigger events during these difficult times, and seeing your performance at ZaMUN 2021. I wish you all good luck! sample content

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