Security Council 2020


The Middle East is on fire. Surely this depiction is not literal, but describes the current state perhaps most accurately. The tensions in the region that has been vastly unstable for the last 40 years began to rise as the USA withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Deal Framework. This multilateral agreement was meant to be the first non-violent act of peace between the governments of the western powers and the Islamic Republic or Iran, however, things didn’t go as well as planned. After the internationally reproached withdrawal, Iran has supposedly started the process of enriching uranium again, putting the country one step closer to the acquirement of nuclear weapons of any kind. At the same time Iran reestablished its political dominance in the region, which escalated into the supposed attack on four oil tankers in the Red Sea, close to the shore of Saudi Arabia, which sparked shock not only in the international community, but also raised various concerns on the turbulent and fragile diplomatic forum of the Arab states, leading to numerous protests of the civic society in Iran. After the totalitarian regime regained its strength and position, the country continued with rather aggressive international policies, striking the surveillance drone of the United States of America, claiming it was located in the heavily monitored Iranian airspace. This was the final droplet to the steaming cauldron of anger, which seemingly overflowed and led to the assassination of Qasem Soleimani, high-ranking Iranian general by the United States of America.

The UN Security Council will address this issue as a rather complex problematic, focusing on the reestablishment of the Iran Deal, resolving various international disputes regarding Iran and possibly bringing peace and stability as well as economical and humanitarian support to the region. It is upon you to face this issue with initiative and caution, to not let the world of hundreds of thousands of people turn into chaos and misery.

Matej Sedlár (UNSC Chair)

BratMUN 2017, KatMUN 2018(HM), PozMUN 2018, FWWMUN 2018, Zamun 2018(BD) , Apromun 2018 (chair), BratMUN 2018 (OD), Pozmun 2019(OD), Zamun 2019 (BDel,BD), DSPMUN 2019 (chair), Apromun 2019(DSG), BratMUN 2019 (chair), MarMUN 2020 (chair) Topics: Drafting the new Iran Deal Turkish and Kurdish matters The Abkhaz-Georgian conflict Combatting the rise of modern day piracy in the […]
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