Our dearest delegates!

After extensive discussions and brainstorming we, the secretariat of Zamun 2021, have arrived at a decision to make our conference completely online. The dates of our conference will stay the same, 28/3/2021 – 30/4/2021. The delegate registration will be conducted via mymun. https://mymun.com/muns/zamun-2021

In case of any questions or issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us via instagram @zamun_2021 or at our e-mail address zamun2020.management@gmail.com. Stay tuned for further information about the conference on our social media. We cannot wait to see you all!

Best regards, Secretary General Matej-Pavol Nemčok.

Žilina Model United Nations 2021 (28-30th April 2021)

After eight successful conferences, it is our pleasure to invite you to participate in Žilina Model United Nations 2021 conference (28 – 30th April 2021) organized by students of the Bilingual secondary – grammar school, T. Ružičku 3 Žilina in cooperation with the town of Žilina, United Nations Information Service (UNIS), Association Franco Slovaque FRASK and other partners. Žilina Model United Nations is a high school/secondary school academic simulation of the United Nations (the majority of delegates are between 15-20 years old). This conference aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy, and the United Nations agenda and develop basic skills (argumentation, information management, public speaking, negotiation, and foreign language).

The pandemic situation is still severe and it is extremely hard to organize any events on an international level. That is why we plan 3 classic and 1 online English committees and 1 French committee for the dates 28th – 30th April 2021, but only at the start of February, we will only be able to make the final decision (and alternatively create a full online event).

We hope for the best and will keep you all updated.

Yours, Secretariat of the 2021 conference

170 delegates, 14 countries, 8 committees

Remembering ŽilinaMUN 2019?

Secretary General welcome

Matej-Pavol Nemčok

MUN/MEP Experience:
ZaMUN 2017 Page (Slovakia)
ZaMUN 2018 Delegate (Slovakia)
ToMUN 2018 Delegate (Poland)
GbzaMUN 2018 Delegate (Slovakia)
ZaMUN 2019 Delegate (Slovakia)
TolMUN 2019 Delegate (France)
AproMUN 2019 Delegate (Slovakia)
BratMUN 2019 Delegate (Slovakia)
LeMUN 2019 Delegate (Netherlands)
QMEP 2019 Delegate (Slovakia)
MEPSK 2019 Delegate (Slovakia)
ToMUN 2019 Chair (Poland)
DSPMUN 2020 Delegate (Czech Republic)
AproMUN 2020 Chair, Crisis Manager (Slovakia)

Greetings Friends

The year 2021 has finally arrived and with it also the one and only Žilina Model United Nations 2021. In these unpleasant times where the circumstances are constantly changing, we created a team that is able to improve, adapt and overcome any possible crisis that might come in order to make this grandiose conference great again.

We have all gone through a tough year, some more than others. This is a time of unprecedented crises and at the same time a prime example of the faults in our systems. We cannot and we should not all agree on what is wrong, but we must not miss this opportunity to discuss our opinions. Should we drastically reform our government? Should we work with our current institutions and adjust them as needed? What is the best way forward? These are just a few of the questions we will all face. It is up to only us how they get answered. It is not just about what we can do, though. Let us not forget we will have to stand the test of time and overcome crises as they come. Climate change, the rise of extremism, discrimination, disinformation and many more. Every single one of those will create new opinions, both good and bad. It’s our greatest responsibility to choose wisely what is good and not repeat mistakes of the past. We ought to learn from MUNs how to do exactly that, for a better future, for the world we want to live in.             

The fact we are here goes to show how strong we are. Not just as individuals, but as a society. The future is in our grasp, let us not lose it by being complacent. We cannot just sit idly and let the “established politicians” call the shots for us. Let us rise up, let us share our ideas. Only by involving ourselves can we stand with progress, not against it. Time and time again, great people led the world and in the shadows of them, there were people who followed. Let us be the ones who lead the ones who want to stand back into the brave new world.

However, the conference goes beyond politics, diplomacy, discussions and resolutions. This week lasting event in our small yet beautiful city of Žilina offers you much more than that. This is the unique opportunity for you to learn about culture, meet the locals, experience the different type of lifestyle and last but not least to make friends and hang out with the new amazing people that you most certainly will meet. So just keep in mind that even though you are attending a high-level MUN conference you are also discovering new places, creating new stories to tell and becoming the part of this amazing community.

It is a pleasure to be a part of this magnificent project and I can guarantee that I and my wonderful team will do what it takes to make this the best ZaMUN of all time and make sure that you will look back at this week with a smile on your face and warmness in your heart.  

I am eager to meet you all in April.

Filled with thrill and adoration

Matej-Pavol Nemčok 
Secretary-General of ZaMUN 2021

ŽilinaMUN 2020 Corona Decision

Dear partners and friends,

We are really saddened to share this information with you, but it is our duty to inform you about recent developments related to the organisation of our ŽilinaMUN conference and the Corona virus crisis.

The situation in Žilina:

  • In this moment we have 1 confirmed case in our region
  • The government BANNED all international activities involving travelling
  • The government also banned all group school activities as such
  • Our venues are closed
  • EVERY WEEK SOME DELEGATIONS HAVE TO CANCEL THEIR PARTICIPATION, so we cannot organise a standard conference

The recommendations from relevant organizations (the health service, the Corona InfoLink, International Security and Emergency Management Institute)

  • Based on all of the recommendations and all relevant information the culmination of the virus Europe will take place in April and May

Possible risks:

  • All restrictions will still take place during the dates of the conference
  • Any participant can be infected during travelling and in that case ALL participants of the conference will be put in 14 days quarantine without any possibility to travel back
  • Majority of hosting families include people from the risk groups (elderly, travelling, ill)
  • Local citizens will consider our activity as a serious health threat
  • Panic and emotions are involved
  • Additional financial loss in hotels and transportation companies

This is why we have to CANCEL the ŽilinaMUN 2020 conference.

We have only one sincere wish, to see and meet you all, safe and sound, in the ŽilinaMUN 2021 conference.


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