ŽilinaMUN 2020 Corona Decision

Dear partners and friends,

We are really saddened to share this information with you, but it is our duty to inform you about recent developments related to the organisation of our ŽilinaMUN conference and the Corona virus crisis.

The situation in Žilina:

  • In this moment we have 1 confirmed case in our region
  • The government BANNED all international activities involving travelling
  • The government also banned all group school activities as such
  • Our venues are closed
  • EVERY WEEK SOME DELEGATIONS HAVE TO CANCEL THEIR PARTICIPATION, so we cannot organise a standard conference

The recommendations from relevant organizations (the health service, the Corona InfoLink, International Security and Emergency Management Institute)

  • Based on all of the recommendations and all relevant information the culmination of the virus Europe will take place in April and May

Possible risks:

  • All restrictions will still take place during the dates of the conference
  • Any participant can be infected during travelling and in that case ALL participants of the conference will be put in 14 days quarantine without any possibility to travel back
  • Majority of hosting families include people from the risk groups (elderly, travelling, ill)
  • Local citizens will consider our activity as a serious health threat
  • Panic and emotions are involved
  • Additional financial loss in hotels and transportation companies

This is why we have to CANCEL the ŽilinaMUN 2020 conference.

We have only one sincere wish, to see and meet you all, safe and sound, in the ŽilinaMUN 2021 conference.


Žilina Model United Nations 2020 (22-24th April 2020)

After eight successful conferences it is our pleasure to invite you to participate in Žilina Model United Nations 2020 conference (22 – 24th April 2020) organized by students of the Bilingual secondary – grammar school, T. Ružičku 3 Žilina in cooperation with the town of Žilina, United Nations Information Service (UNIS), Association Franco Slovaque FRASK and other partners. Žilina Model United Nations is a high school/secondary school academic simulation of the United Nations (the majority of delegates are between 15-20 years old). This conference aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda and develop basic skills (argumentation, information management, public speaking, negotiation, and foreign language).

170 delegates, 14 countries, 8 committees

Remembering ŽilinaMUN 2019?

Secretary General welcome

Samuel Nguyen

ZaMUN 2016 (Slovakia) page
BratMUN 2016 (Slovakia) delegate
ZaMUN 2017 (Slovakia) headpage
GbzaMUN (Slovakia) delegate
MEP 2017 National session (Slovakia) delegate
ToMUN 2017 (Poland) delegate
ZaMUN 2018 (Slovakia) underchair
GbzaMUN (Slovakia) chair
MEC (Slovakia) delegate
MEP 2018 National session (Slovakia) delegate
ToMUN 2018 (Poland) chair
Create and Control (Slovakia) delegate
ZaMUN 2019 (Slovakia) chair
TolMUN 2019 (France) chair
MEP 2019 regional session (Austria) delegate
MEP 2019 international session (France) guest/delegate
Simulácia NRSR 2019 finále (Slovakia) poslanec

My dear and most esteemed participants of ZaMUN

            The year 2020 is coming and so is the new Žilina Model United Nations 2020. Once again this grand colossus has woken up and our team full of teachers, students, chairs and many more began preparing with immense effort, endeavour and care yet another great experience for you – the participants.

            We, the young generation, live in a time of great changes. Old habits of our mankind are not working anymore and the new and innovative ones are still far from us to implement and to get used to. It is the time of the environmental crisis where we decide if we either want clean water and air or our daily comfort rooted in the ideology of consumerism and materialism. It is the time where extremism is on the rise and we have to think again if we are ought to repeat our mistakes or we have learned already. It is the time of chaos and disinformation where truth is so hard to be distinguished from lies and it is the time of the great new and almost unbelievable technologies which bring us to the brink of new industrial revolution which will affect all of us forever.

            How the humanity will cope with these difficult and complicated problems is also upon us – the young people. We, the youth, cannot keep our eyes closed, ignoring the world around us, because one day, which is not so far away from now, it will be our business and there would be no one else to resolve the situation for us, therefore we must be interested and we must CARE. By attending events of this type such as MUNs you also show that you care. You show that you want to know about what is happening, you want to talk about the problems and you want to think about their possible solutions. And that is why I am deeply thankful to all of you that are coming to the conference.

            But do not worry, not everything on the MUN is just about politics, policies, resolutions and arguments, it is much much more. This week lasting event in our small but beautiful city of Žilina offers you many things. Learn about the culture, get to know the locals and experience our style of life, hang out with other delegates from all around the world from Finland to India, have lots and lots of fun and make new friendships with others attending the conference. You will not be disappointed.

            It is a great honour to be a part of this amazing and wonderful project and I assure you that I and our team will do everything possible and impossible for you to have a great and unforgettable experience.

I cannot wait to meet you in April

Filled with drive and adoration


Secretary-General of ZaMUN 2020

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