Tackling the illegal wildlife trade remains an urgent global issue. It contributes to dramatic declines in the populations of many protected species, found across all continents, from elephants, rhinos, grey parrots, as well as increasing the number of endangered species. Over the past 40 years alone, 52% of the world’s wildlife has been wiped out of the existence. This pressure applied on the wildlife has an impact on other spheres of life as well, meaning change of land-use, pollution and changing environmental conditions.

The illegal wildlife trade is often highly organized, sophisticated criminal activity that is affecting the world’s industry. It fuels corruption which creates insecurity and undermines the rule of law, impeding the opportunities for economic growth.

It is well known that a healthy ecosystem is inevitable for the survival of humanity and we as humans are the single most influential species in our ability to at least try to alter our natural environment. That’s why the main goal of our committee will be trying to achieve a resolution which all of us could consider a beneficial one in the question of tackling the issue of wildlife trade. Last but not least I hope we will experience a joyful time together while debating world’s biggest issues.

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