UN Special Consultation on Space Law (2055)

Revising the Treaty on Outer Space

It is the grim middle of the 21st century, the stability of Terrestrial (and extra) affairs is upset by the New Space Race, pioneered as much by private corporations as it is by governments. Disputes over countries rights in Space, whether among the Mars colonists or over the use of Lunar assets need to be settled, and pronto. In an attempt to escape irrelevance and guarantee peace and cooperation, UN Sec-Gen Teddy Kushner has convened the first Special Consultation on Space Law, which faces the tough challenge of redrafting the Outer Space Treaty and replacing it with a new charter.

Jakub Andrej Filčák

Ahoy! (In the pirate sense, not the Slovak one.) I’m Jakub, and I’ve been going to MUNs for far too long. I enjoy absurdity, long walks on the beach, and the cold embrace of the void. For me, MUN was about being first for a long time. Maybe I grew wiser with time, but competitiveness is still quite cash money. This entire paragraph was garbage, recycled. I enjoy that too. Next year I’ll be studying law, but for the time being, I can at least pretend to understand it at MUNs. The committee is fictional, much like democracy or Tesla stock valuation, so feel free to peruse 20 minutes into the future science fiction as supplemental reading. 

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