Ensuring the distribution of COVID vaccine into and in third world countries

With vaccines for COVID-19 already developed, it is in everyone’s interest that people all around the world are vaccinated. Since first world countries are the richest, they have managed to order huge quantities of the vaccine, leaving the global south behind. In this committee, we would like to discuss the responsibility of the global north for distribution of vaccines to poorer countries and to what extent they should help.

Matej Nižňan

 – Greetings and salutations! My name is Matej, and I am currently studying my penultimate year of high school at a boarding school in Bratislava. Ever since my first model conference, I have become something of a fanatic for them and managed to attend 10 of them in less than a year’s time. At first, through sheer luck, but later thanks to my skill, I have managed to receive an award at each of them. Sadly, my winning streak was horrendously interrupted last March, and I was never able to attend a ZAMUN conference, which was supposed to be my next one. Therefore, I think it is very fitting that I should resume my attendance at model conferences with ZAMUN2021. With my humble self being the chungiest member of the chair board, I promise you that my committee will provide a very enjoyable and hopefully unique experience.


Matúš Molčan

– Salutations and greetings, my name is Matúš, and I am a junior high school student at ŠpMNDaG. I’ve been attending MUNs for more than two years and it is usually the best part of my school year. I’ve attended multifarious conferences, at which I have consistently received awards. I take an interest in philosophy, especially in absurdism and postmodernism, in economic theory and international relations. I am also a student vice-champion of Slovakia in foosball. I promise you; you haven’t known the triumphs and defeats, the epic highs and lows of high school Model United Nations until you have attended my committee.

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